Jury Verdicts

  • Beth Myers and Jonathan Margolis win a sexual harassment and retalition jury trial on behalf of their clients
    On August 2, 2018, a Plymouth County jury returned a verdict in favor of Beth and Jon’s clients, finding that the defendant was liable for sexual harassment and retaliation.  The jury awarded the plaintiffs a combined $290,000.  Following the trial, the Court awarded the plaintiffs over $424,000 in attorneys’ fees.  Ebone and Smith v. BMI …
  • Beth Myers and Jonathan Margolis secured a $2M verdict in a sex discrimination and retaliation case
    Beth Myers and Jonathan Margolis secured a $2M verdict for their client Judy Racow, a female police officer in Winthrop, MA.  A Suffolk County jury found that the Town of Winthrop engaged in unlawful sex discrimination and retaliation against Officer Racow, and awarded her $676,000 in emotional distress damages.  The jury further determined that the Town’s …
  • Richard DaPrato v. Massachusetts Water Resources Authority:
    In January 2018, a Suffolk County jury awarded $1.2 million to Rick DaPrato, who was wrongfully fired by the MWRA.  Mr. DaPrato was represented by Robert Mantell and David Belfort of Bennett and Belfort, P.C..  Mr. DaPrato was fired in retaliation for taking FMLA leave and seeking a reasonable accommodation.
  • Enos v. Mayor, City of Brockton
    Enos v. Mayor, City of Brockton, First Amendment case brought by Brockton police official, Federal Court jury awarded $350,000.  Kevin G. Powers
  • Hearing Officer Orders Female Police Officer Promoted to Sergeant
    Jonathan Margolis and Beth Myers represented the successful complainant at a hearing at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, in which the Town of Winthrop’s first female police officer was discriminated against and denied promotion to the rank of Sergeant for more fourteen years in retaliation for her earlier complaints of sex discrimination. In a favorable …
  • Gyulakian v. Lexus of Watertown:
    $540,000 Jury Verdict in Sexual Case Robert Mantell and Lori Jodoin successfully represented the plaintiff alleging sexual harassment at a car dealership, and obtained a jury award of $540,000. Gyulakian v. Lexus of Watertown, Inc, (Middlesex Superior Court, 2014).
  • Kelley v. Dept. of Conservation and Recreation:
    Robert Mantell successfully tried a c. 151B retaliation case, and established that a lateral transfer was an adverse, retaliatory action. On behalf of the plaintiff, he won a verdict in excess of $875,000. Kelley v. Comm. of Massachusetts, (Suffolk Superior Court, 2012).
  • Brown v. Office of the Commissioner of Probation:
    Beth Myers and Jonathan Margolis tried a discrimination and retaliation case, in which the jury awarded $506,000 to a female Assistant Chief Probation Officer, finding that her employer, the Office of the Commissioner of Probation retaliated against her for complaining of discrimination. (damages later reduced)
  • Burroughs v. Hogg Robinson Insurance
    Burroughs v. Hogg Robinson Insurance, Age discrimination case, Middlesex County jury awarded the Plaintiff $109,000.00. Kevin G. Powers
  • Sampaio v. Agar Supply
    Sampaio v. Agar Supply, Age and race discrimination case, Suffolk County jury awarded the plaintiff $950,000.00. Kevin G. Powers