Jury Verdicts

  • DeMichelle v. Guardsmark
    DeMichelle v. Guardsmark, Handicap discrimination case, Federal jury awarded the plaintiff $245,000.00.  Kevin G. Powers
  • Dartt v. BFI
    Dartt v. BFI, Handicap discrimination case, Suffolk County jury awarded the plaintiff $197,000.00.  Kevin G. Powers
  • Finley v. Digital Corp
    Finley v. Digital Corp., Age discrimination case, Middlesex jury awarded the plaintiff $504,000.00.  Kevin G. Powers
  • Pellegrino v. NAGE
    Pellegrino v. NAGE, Disability discrimination and retaliation, Norfolk Superior court, Judgment for the Plaintiff in the amount of $820,000.00, including $500,000.000 in punitive damages. Kevin G. Powers
  • Hunt v. MWRA:
    age discrimination case in Middlesex Superior Court with jury verdict for the plaintiff in 2003, with a judgment in excess of $500,000 (Robert S. Mantell)
  • Clifton v. MBTA:
    $5.5 Million Jury Verdict in Race-Based Hostile Work Environment Case Kevin Powers won one of the largest jury verdicts in Massachusetts in a racial harassment and hostile work environment case, $5.5 million. Clifton v. MBTA, (Suffolk Superior Court, 1999).