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Powers, Jodoin, Margolis & Mantell LLP

Who We Are

We are zealous advocates with decades of litigation experience, who are committed to protecting and fighting for employee rights. For every client we represent, our goal is to achieve the best possible results and we bring all our passion, skill and experience to that effort.

What We Do

We represent individuals facing a variety of employment-related issues, ranging from negotiation of pre-employment agreements and inquiries, non-competition agreements, obtaining properly earned wages and benefits, opposing harassment and unfair job actions, and dealing with separation of employment, including severance agreements and litigation for discrimination and wrongful termination.

What We’ve Done

Our attorneys have won some of the highest employment verdicts in the state and are behind many of Massachusetts’ most important and influential appellate employment decisions. In addition to our advocacy work, we are routinely asked to speak on recent developments in employment law, and our attorneys often write articles on cutting edge issues in the field of employment law.

Our Story

In 2000, our firm was founded on the notion of justice for employees.  We have decades of experience in representing clients in a wide range of employment-related matters, at all stages of litigation. We are committed to pushing the law to safeguard employees, broaden civil rights, and secure access to all-important procedural protections.  Besides obtaining some of the largest jury verdicts in the field of Massachusetts employment law, we have represented employees in many of the leading appellate cases, and are behind many of Massachusetts’ most important and influential employment decisions. We fight harassment and discrimination, we oppose oppressive non-competition agreements, recover withheld pay and benefits. We have successfully brought cases against the largest corporations in the country, represented by the nation’s major law firms. We work tirelessly to achieve our clients’ goals, whether the goal is to receive the greatest amount of compensation or to put an end to an intolerable work situation. Our mission is not only to make employers comply with the law, but also to create an environment where employees are treated with respect and civility, as we believe that when people can earn a fair living, it has a beneficial effect on them, their families and their communities.